venerdì 3 ottobre 2008

[Mugen] Ken Washio Fixs

Vi posto le modifiche e i bug fixs che ho apportato fino a ieri notte a Ken Washio:

22/09/2008 modified the long bird rang ( the range was amplified )
stand hard punch ( air - timing )
bug in to air bird smash when come down if hitted Ken float in to the air ( NOW IS FIXED )
Tnx to Zir from MugenBr forum for the bug report ^_^
23/09/2008 added new intro ( jump In - g-001 Ken Washio )
added new win ( kump out - gatchaman )
fixed some sprites ( last 2 farmes ) of the first intro
24/09/2008 added win pose with June
02/10/2008 fixed some bug in the AI Block code ^^'''

A presto con altre News eheheheh

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